Statistical Solutions for Academics, Private and Public Sector

The Stat-Gent Crescendo platform groups expert knowledge and methods of the Ghent University Center for Statistics. We provide high quality problem solving in an accessible and flexible interface for professional clients. If you are a UGent doctoral students or postdoc, you may contact FIRE (Fostering Innovative Research based on Evidence) for free consulting sessions.  

We offer:

  • Customer-focused approaches to data analysis and statistical problems
  • Professional infrastructures with attention to confidentiality, data security and standard operating procedures
  • Operational frameworks for statistics and data analysis contract work

We welcome small and large projects and strive to develop sustained and stable collaborations that gain efficiency through high quality targeted solutions, based on a more in-depth knowledge of the client.

In practice

Free intake meeting

  • Email or call us
  • First discussion of the potential project
  • Proposal with estimated costs and time line

We can be of further help with a wide range of services adapted to your needs:

  • Data analysis
  • Customised training
  • Software solutions
  • Statistical reporting