We offer an operational framework for statistics and data analysis contract work, depending on your stage and scope. Our services may include:

  • Data analysis projects: set up, randomization, sample size calculation, analysis, reporting
  • Customized training: both basic and advanced, hands-on
  • Software solutions: R, SAS, STATA, SPSS, PYTHON
  • Scientific writing and paper revision

Areas we help with

We are ready for data coming from all research stages and for different goals and we are well connected with research units at UGent, such as:

  • Design and analysis of clinical trials
  • Epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, translational medicine and evaluation of drug intake, public health, quality of care and quality of life, health economics
  • Causal effect estimation
  • Biotech and agriculture
  • Biomarkers, diagnostics, ‘omics’ applications, statistical genetics and preclinical models
  • Veterinary medicine and animal welfare
  • Food industry processes and food safety
  • Air and water quality, environmental statistics
  • Surveys, behavioural sciences, political and social sciences …

Statistical methods

Stat-Gent covers current data analysis methods in breadth and depth. In addition, it has specific expertise in:

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  • Anonymized data analysis
  • Causal inference
  • Data mining
  • Experimental design
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Missing data
  • Multiple testing
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Robust statistics
  • Spatio-temporal modeling
  • Survival analysis
  • Statistical genomics

How we work

Stat-Gent Crescendo goes above and beyond to deliver unparalleled data analysis services.

To initiate a Stat-Gent project, we invite you for a free intake meeting where we get to know your project, discuss opportunities and constraints,  propose approaches and deliverables with a timeline.

After the intake meeting, we write out a proposal for our collaboration, which may be approved or amended. This can take the form of a phased proposal, where future steps may depend on initial results, and the budget can be cast in various terms, varying from price per hour, week, month  to per project.

If we both agree, Stat-Gent will start the data analysis service relying on state-of-the-art methods. In the end, we summarise objective conclusions in a technical report as well as software codes and presentations adapted to your needs.

A typical Client-Stat-Gent interaction may look like:

Stat-Gent can be involved in specific steps of the data analysis project or for the full trajectory, in a steering, advisory or practical implementation capacity. In case of substantial new methodology development, a research collaboration can be initiated with options for external funding as an upside.

Schedule your initial consultation:

We further provide …

Customised training

To facilitate optimal use of statistical methods in practice, Stat-Gent CRENSCENDO offers customized training tailored to your needs. These training modules complement the courses taught at Institute for Continuing Education in Science, Master of Statistical Data Analysis, and FLAMES.

Customized modules that can be given on-site may just focus on the topics you need, or can illustrate relevant statistical methods using case studies from your practice. Follow-up may be included to ensure successful implementation.

Software solutions

Data analysis projects generally require the use of software packages.

Stat-Gent helps in selecting the best solution for your needs and supports its correct use.

For particular applications we also develop customized software solutions.

We share our code with you.